NorthPoint works across all sectors. Our engagements deliver real results and we’re so proud of the outcomes we’ve achieved. Here are just a few of our client success stories.

    A whole-of-organisation transformation

    Challenge: Extraordinary growth meant demands outpaced the organisation’s capacity and ability to meet client commitments. The organisation was stuck in a spin-cycle of legacy operating models, inefficient processes and an ageing technology estate. It had several failed attempts at business transformations when we were engaged. It was under immense political and economic pressure to lift its standards.

    Solution: The NorthPoint team immersed itself in the client’s processes to understand what was really happening. We coached the executive team to create alignment and facilitated the co-design of strategic initiatives that would build internal capability while minimising organisational disruption.

    Result: The client successfully completed a whole-of-business transformation which removed the stagnation which had stopped it evolving. The executive team was aligned on its collective pressures and their solutions. And the client was empowered to continue adapting, evolving and growing.

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  • Transport & Logistics

    Divesting an integrated business division

    Challenge: Growth from multiple acquisitions over time meant our client had an overly complex and federated business model. Its costs increased as it grew because it such an unwieldy organisation, meaning it lost any benefit of operating at scale.

    It had grown so large that its costs increased when production increased. Our client devised a new strategy to divest non-core service lines so it could focus on its key products.

    Solution: Taking a strategy-first approach, NorthPoint focussed on ensuring the senior leaders were completely aligned about the current challenges and the organisation’s goals. Critically, we regularly checked in with frontline operational staff to validate executive beliefs. This also kept customer needs at the front of the leadership team’s minds.

    This up-front planning created genuine congruence between executives and operational staff. This was balanced against the new opportunities that emerging technology provided. The resulting next-generation operating model delivered true benefits of scale, agility and diversity. Our balanced technical risk mitigation, early business benefit realisation and maintained inclusive project planning. This approach meant the organisation could improve its internal delivery capability incrementally so the later and more complex phases could be delivered with confidence.

    Result: We helped the organisation break through 20 years of stagnation to find a pragmatic business and technology solution. This was underpinned with a coherent strategy and a delivery plan that’s currently being executed on time and budget. It now has business-aligned technology capabilities that will modernise the entire organisation.

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  • Law & Justice

    Digital strategy

    Challenge: Our client faced a once-in-a-generation disruption, and its ageing infrastructure was causing system outages and slowed the product release cycle. It’s resulting strategic change demanded a foundational digital approach to realise its goals. The CIO engaged NorthPoint to develop the digital strategy and guide the organisation on a multi-year transformation journey. The strategy needed to:
    – solve an entrenched underinvestment in digital assets
    – deliver a significantly reformed IT operating model
    refresh all its core business systems
    introduce a data and analytics capability
    create contemporary capabilities, such as Agile and design thinking.

    Solution: NorthPoint developed a strategy that addressed localised issues, such as culture, capability for change and industry-specific research. This approach was essential to ensuring the strategy was realistic and achievable. Our philosophy is that a strategy must be actioned oriented, with a clear and funded implementation plan where progress can be tracked.

    We needed to assess the local culture, understand its appetite for change and ensure the organisation mobilised around the digital strategy. So, we facilitated an innovation and planning day for the entire technology group and the client’s top 30 executives. Taking a cross-divisional approach to planning and innovation was a first for the organisation. It generated significant learnings and genuine insights that created enormous strategic insight and alignment across the organisation.

    We also conducted targeted quantitative analysis of the current technology landscape, project plans, business cycles, change readiness and critical organisational milestones which were all essential input to the strategy.

    Result: We delivered a coherent digital strategy that was fully aligned across the organisation. This was supported with a realistic and achievable transformation plan to ensure the strategy could be confidently executed in full.

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