Next-Gen Operating Models

The current competitive landscape has disrupted how businesses operate today. Organisations need to implement next-generation operating models to sustain this new pace as they strive for true enterprise agility (the ability to respond).

During these volatile times, adopting emerging practices for agility and innovation is no longer enough to compete. The significance of refining business models to create value and align people, process and operations to drive competitive advantage is essential.

Executives must embrace new ways of working to ensure
the organisation thrives in this digital age.

NorthPoint can help you by:

  • Creating a vision of your future state and strategy planning to successfully transform
  • Ensuring your digital initiatives are aligned to business objectives
  • Designing and delivering the next-generation as-a-service and platform-based operating models to compete in the digital age
  • Maximizing your advantage and intellectual property, while enabling teams to operate in a semi-autonomous way to deliver results – faster
  • Ensuring you can scale efficiently without losing the winning formula and the culture that has made you successful
  • Combining niche segments with a customer first focus to lower the barrier to entry, allowing you to compete at scale
  • Isolating initiatives and anchoring business model change to sustain a competitive advantage
  • Focussing on design thinking to reinvent the user experience
  • Ensuring you have the right mix of people, capabilities, processes and technology to meet your primary objectives
  • Developing business models that support an agile and customer-centric culture

Our team is experienced in the development and implementation of operating models across numerous industries. Linking strategy, business design and execution.

Safeguarding customer experience during positive
organisational change to execute growth strategies.

We can help you translate your strategy, with our ‘as-a-service’ business model design, allowing you to reduce costs while enabling divisional autonomy without losing alignment.

To discuss how NorthPoint can help you reinvent your operating model to disrupt your competitors, and give you a competitive advantage, contact us on +61 (2) 8046 6892.

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